CTPAAN: Card To Pocket At Any Number


Don’t worry – this isn’t one of those Franken-tricks, where two simple tricks are combined into one messy monstrosity. Instead, it’s an idea for a hidden feature of David Williamson’s modern classic 51 Cards To Pocket that can be used by anyone who performs it. The Inspiration I’ve been thinking about how the reveal of the 51 cards is usually presented, i.e...

What The Fridge?! Your Home Is Now your Gig Bag


A short post about a quick realisation I had the other day (which others may also have had, but it helped me think differently, so I’m sharing it in case it’s useful). From the few clips and ebooks I’ve seen about Zoom magic shows, most seem to feature close-up or parlour tricks, with small- to medium-sized props. This makes sense, since that’s what we’re used to...

Three Little Words: How Netflix Can Help Pinpoint Your Performing Persona

Bowl of popcorn

Like many people, I’ve succumbed to a Netflix subscription during lockdown. But even when I’m taking a break from thinking about magic, I often end up thinking about magic! Recently, I’ve been working on finding a pithy way to describe my onstage persona. One evening, I went onto Netflix and… The Inspiration I noticed that almost every show is accompanied by a few...

Social Distancing Show Tips From Griffin And Jones

Griffin and Jones performing magic

Since y’all (hey, I’m half American, just go with it) seemed to enjoy Oliver Tabor’s account of doing a stage show online, here’s another guest post about performing in these strange times. If you don’t know them, Steve Griffin and Nathan Jones are a beautifully bantering, endlessly entertaining, multiple-Edinburgh-Fringe-shows-a-day performing magic duo. I’ve...

Exact Exaggeration


This small scripting tweak can make your tricks a million times better. Well, maybe not a million, but maybe 1.5 times. It was inspired by an episode of Parks & Recreation, one of my favourite sitcoms, for several reasons (ask me sometime). With a little thought, it contains oodles of techniques and ideas that can be applied to magic. The Inspiration In this case, it’s a line from Ron...

2 Simple Words For Crystal Clear Plots

Block lettering

“Confusion is not magic” said Ed Marlo (Kidding! Vernon, obvs). But when it comes to trick plots, how do you avoid ending up with a muddled multi-climax monstrosity? Here’s a elegantly simple way from Matt Stone and Trey Parker, of South Park fame (or intentional infamy). Watch the video (it’s under 3 minutes) then we’ll look at how to apply it to magic. Okay, so...