OMG&T: One Bottle, Multiple Reveals


As the old saying goes, if you have fifty different tricks with the same ending, you have one trick. If you have the same trick with fifty different endings, you have fifty tricks.

So here’s an idea for a different ending to a prediction trick. Specifically, it’s a way to reveal six different pieces of information, without the usual turning around playing cards or notepads.

The Inspiration

I was having a G&T at the weekend (just the one – I’m a total lightweight!) and noticed all the different elements on the bottle.

The Trick

The exact nature of the trick is up to you. Basically, you need to force six different items across six different categories. In this case: an object, name, colour, wild animal, city and year.

You could do this by writing on blank cards, or using sven pads, or slips of paper in clear forcing bags, or probably some apps.

However you do it, force the following:

  1. Object: Bottle
  2. Name: Gordon
  3. Colour: Green
  4. Wild animal: Boar
  5. City: London
  6. Year: 1769

Have the gin hidden in a gift bag as your prediction. After everyone has chosen their item, but before they reveal it, say:

“I don’t have six items in this bag. Only one. But wouldn’t it be amazing if you’d all managed to choose the same thing that matches it?”

Have them reveal their choices, and obviously they’re all different, then remove the gin and take them on a ‘tour’ of the bottle so they can see that it actually matches all of their choices.


It needn’t be gin. Any interesting packaging with multiple images and pieces of information would work. Boxes of tea could be another avenue to explore.

As ever, if you give it a go, or come up with an interesting angle on it, let me know.