I’m Not A Cat, I’m a Magician


Here’s a quick idea to add to your Zoom magic show, inspired by two recent things:

  1. The hilarious video doing the rounds online of the lawyer on a Zoom call who couldn’t turn off a cat filter on his face. If you haven’t seen it, take 39 seconds to watch it now – the cat’s expressions, the understated judge, it’s all just perfect.
  2. My ‘Pull Back and Reveal’ article from a few months back.

Put them together and you get a nice topical sight gag. I imagine it would go down especially well with families.


Mentioning the recent ‘cat lawyer’ Zoom video, you smugly state that, as a professional zoom user, you’d like to take a moment to demonstrate to everyone how easy it is to turn off a cat filter.

You put the filter on, speak for a bit as a cat, then say:

“It’s perfectly simple, really. You just go to Profile, then Settings, then Background & Filters and turn it off like THIS….no wait, like THIS. Hang-on, let me see if I can….or the other menu…nope, still a cat…bear with me…

Finally, you manage to turn off the filter, but the audience see that you are now actually wearing a full cat onesie over your normal performing outfit.

After they react, you go to remove the onesie, but the zip is stuck, so you eventually give up and finish the rest of the show dressed as a cat.


You’ve probably already worked it out, but for completeness:

Buy a zip-up cat onesie, and have it on your lower half, with your usual performing outfit (suit or dress or whatever) visible on your top half. You’ll need to seated at a table (as per most Zoom shows).

After you’ve put the cat filter is on, keep your head as still as possible (so the filter doesn’t glitch) while pulling on and zipping up the cat onesie, then turn the filter off. That’s it!


Alternatively, for a more literal recreation, you could put on a cat mask. But I prefer the cat onesie for the added quick-change element.

I don’t own a onesie so I haven’t had a chance to give this a go yet, so if you do, please record it or drop me an email as I’d love to know how it plays in practice.