Fingerlings For Finger-Flingers


Gaffing ordinary objects to work in tricks is part and parcel of being a magician.

But occasionally, a kind coincidence crops up and you find an object which happens to be ideally suited for magic, with no alteration needed.

Here’s one example I discovered recently (or rather, my kids discovered the toy, and I thought ‘Maybe I could use it in a trick’ – like I do with EVERYTHING).

Fingerlings are little plastic creatures. And some, like the monkey below, come with a handily shaped tail from which you can hang it from your back pocket. Then you can steal and produce it whenever you like.

Note: You may want to pop a piece of card inside your pocket, just to prevent the curly tail getting caught on the sewn hem.

They also make a game called Fingerlings Jungle Gym Jumble Game, which comes with four mini Fingerlings, in different colours. These could work nicely for a thimble routine (provided you have smallish fingers, since they’re made for kids).


While not a direct inspiration for this, John Van Der Put used to (and may still) perform a thimble-style routine with some plastic monster finger puppets.