Coin To Impossibler Location


‘Object to impossible location’ routines are fab. So here’s a way to make the ‘impossible location’ even more impossible by shifting the reappearance location much further away.

It’s the kind of trick you’d normally need an assistant for, but you can use this pleasingly ridiculous method instead.

The Inspiration

As is often the case, combining two existing observations can spark something new.

In this case, these two:

  1. I went past a building site on my morning walk, where they were using one of those rubbish/garbage chutes to slide old roof tiles down into the skip below.
  2. I got home and started work on my laptop, in an upstairs room, by a window facing my garden below.

The Idea

Set up a length of plastic guttering so it extends out of the window. Secure it with gaffer tape so that it slopes down at a slight angle. And before going any further, make sure that no-one is (or will be) walking underneath it!

Now take a non-fragile object (like a coin) and slide it down the chute.

Take a a cardboard box filled with bubble wrap and place it wherever the coin lands, then retrieve the coin.

Now set up your desk for a virtual show, by the window, such that the chute is out of view, but still readily reachable with one hand. You’ll also need to be using wifi and a portable webcam (a laptop one’s probably fine). Oh, and have a Sharpie on hand to mark the coin.

The Trick

Introduce a coin, and have people call out random digits or letters to mark the coin in a unique way (an idea I first saw in Be More Funny by Christopher T. Magician).

Perform a false transfer then, as you focus attention on the hand that supposedly holds the coin, drop the coin down the chute with your other hand.

You can now show both hands cleanly empty, then film yourself going downstairs and outside to cleanly reveal that the coin has reappeared in the garden, in a box.

chute for the moon! (Or At Least The Garden)

With a little thought, the coin could be further wrapped in a little bubble-wrap pouch, or a small wooden box, or nest of wallets, or any other standard impossible location that can survive a drop!

This is the kind of method that almost no-one will attempt. But that’s a good thing, because if you make the effort, you’ll have a trick that no-one else is doing (Mark James makes this point regarding a different trick on his fascinating Talking Shtick podcast).