What The Fridge?! Your Home Is Now your Gig Bag


A short post about a quick realisation I had the other day (which others may also have had, but it helped me think differently, so I’m sharing it in case it’s useful).

From the few clips and ebooks I’ve seen about Zoom magic shows, most seem to feature close-up or parlour tricks, with small- to medium-sized props. This makes sense, since that’s what we’re used to performing with at gigs.

But since we’re now performing from home, we now have a whole house of stuff at our disposal. It’s like our own Mary Poppins bag! And because we don’t have to worry about transporting or storing props, we can think bigger, both figuratively and literally.

Starting Points

To get you thinking, here are some of the possibilities this opens up:

  • Ice: Producing ice now involves a lot less faff – just pop to your freezer a minute before the show and you’re ready. Think Michael Ammar’s card in frozen deck and Max Malini’s or Kieron Johnson’s appearing ice block.
  • Heat and food: With a kitchen nearby, you can cook and heat to your heart’s content. Think appearing mugs of steaming coffee and Dove Pans producing oven-hot pizza.
  • Bookshelves: Think book tests…with 100 books.
  • Over-sized props: Produce a real ten-foot pole, shovel, multiple bowling balls, a small child (your own, obvs) – you name it.
  • Any object production: With a large production box and a secret, off-screen ‘fetcher’, you can produce practically any object called for.

So, have a look around your house and prepare to see everything you own in a new light.