Hop Swap


Online shows can present problems. But, as Jonah Babins has noted, they can also create opportunities.

So, as an example, here’s a nice organic switch that they allow.

There are a few tricks that use a hopping origami frog made from a playing card. Michael Close has one in Workers 2 (The Frog Prince), as does Scotty York in For Your Eyes Only (Froggy Goes A’Courtin).

If you do any of them, and need to switch one frog card for another, here’s a really simple way.

Set Up

Fold one card into a frog, then unfold it again. We’ll call this the first frog.

Stash the other frog card (the second frog) on one side of your desk, just out of camera shot.


Show the first frog in its unfolded (but creased) state, then refold it into a frog.

Next, demonstrate how it hops. Point it diagonally towards the camera – also towards the second frog – and then make it ‘accidentally’ hop out of view.

Grab it back (actually grabbing the second frog), and you’re done.


As a switch, it’s quick, motivated, and – since it’s based on a ‘mistake’ – pretty psychologically invisible.

I’ve tried it and it works a treat. So go on, hop to it!

PS For more benefits of online shows, check out the ‘Magician Appetizer #11: Virtual Magic’ episode of Jonah Babins’ fascinating Discourse In Magic podcast. In fact, you may as well check out every episode, as they’re consistently crammed with creative-process goodness.

PPS Next Friday: A lesson from a sitcom you can use to improve many tricks in minutes.