Sub Trunk? Might As Well Jump


How to present the sub trunk illusion in a fresh way? Do it on a trampoline, with a mid-air change.

Picture this…

One person (who we’ll call Hayden) is tied up under a big trampoline – but safely, so they don’t get squished by the jumper above.

A second person (who we’ll call Christensen) is atop the trampoline jumping around, like House of Pain. Two helpers others stand on either side, holding up a wide cloth that partially obscures the jumper.

With each bounce, Hayden rises up above the cloth, then disappears behind it again as they descend.

After a few jumps, and without breaking the bouncing rhythm, Hayden magically transforms into Chistensen, and Hayden is discovered below.

Jump In

With some tight timings, and cunning cropping, I’m sure someone with a trampoline in their garden could make this work. Just be careful. Forget the theatre saying – don’t break a leg.

If you give it a go, or you think of any other fresh approaches to the sub trunk, then let me know at

And now, I can’t resist it any longer. Pack it up, pack it in, let us begin…